Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Salt Tails Part Two: One blown engine won't stop a racer!

My good pal Bob Wilson is a true hot rodder in every sense of the word.

He has been doing it since he was a kid and he is a contributing member of the hot rod community producing his brakes and backing plates that have graced many a top shelf hot rod the last few years.

You can see his fine products here:  Bob Wilson and Wilson Welding  

**Make sure you check out his gallery on his page!

Bob has done drags, Bob lives the life and drives every year from Flower Mound, Texas to LA for the Fathers Day Roadster Show in a roadster, Bob is a good friend to everybody, and most importantly he is a good dad and grandfather to his kids. 

One of the things he wanted to do before his time was through was race on the salt.

He built a real steel 1932 Ford roadster for the purpose of having fun on the salt flats of Bonneville.  

He was not in it for records or glory, it was all about the fun and friendship.

That is why it was kinda heartbreaking and yet inspiring to hear about his plight. 

Prior to going the first time out in the car he had an event that would have stopped lesser men. 

Trying to do some final tuning on the car prior to setting out for his first trip with it he had an engine fire.  It was a mess and for most a weekend ender.

He and his buds put the car on a trailer and went anyway....fixed her up and hit the salt.

They got some runs in and "poof" went the motor.

With a grin the car was loaded and taken home.

By the next year the car was ready again and this time she held together.

That is what amazes me about these guys the run on the salt and/or play with hot rods, it is the spirit and fun that keeps them going.

If that does not inspire you then you need to crawl into a hole six feet down.

Hot rodders don't let blown engines stop them, they overcome this sort of thing.

A lesson many people in America need to relearn.

Go get them Bob!

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