Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Dad's Car Club...

My dad went to Thomas Jefferson High School in the late 50's in Dallas, Texas (maybe 1960 was his last year, I will have to ask him again).  

Today because of political correctness and the fact the the demographics of the area have changed the school team is called the Patriots.  

When my dad went to TJ the school was the Rebels.  

He and his buddies that were car guys ran a plaque for their car club/school. 

I have the original and a buddy of my dad's made some copies of it a few years back.  

The problem is somehow the plaque has now been duplicated beyond what I was told would happen if I loaned it to this person.  I think the foundry that did it is the problem, but I will never know for sure.  

Anyway, recently a post was made on the HAMB showing a cool data base of plaques and lo and behold one of the phony copies is on it.  

The color is wrong on it (it's orange instead of the traditional black), so I am scanning my dad's plaque so they will hopefully put the real one on.  

That being said I thought I would throw it up on here for others to enjoy.

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