Friday, January 16, 2009

My first car...

I found and old polaroid of my first car and I started thinking of how I ended up with it and how I got where I am today because of it.

Back in the early 80's I worked for my dad on his car lot (when I was 13 and 14) washing cars.  

Across the street was a place that sold chopper parts and used cycles.  One day a biker needing to leave town for certain "issues" was selling stuff to the shop for cash.  

He had this 55 Del Ray with a fiberglass front end and small block chevy and my dad told me we could buy it with the money I had made.  

The car was a whole 400 bucks!  

We bought the car and I drove it back and forth on the lot a million times planning on painting it yellow and throwing Americans on it so it would look just like my AMF slot car.

Problem was I soon got the muscle car bug and fell in love with GTO's.  

We let this car sit and finally let it go so I could finance a 1969 Judge I had from 9th grade to my senior year.  

As my senior year progressed I became less punk and got more into rockabilly.  I also started watching American Graffiti and Rebel Without A Cause and decided I had to have a 50 merc.  

I let the GTO go just as I was graduating from high school so I could afford to work on my first 50 merc.

Most of my auto shop class buddies than knew what I was planning and when I did it could not believe I would get rid of the goat for a merc.

My auto shop teacher dug the car, but most of classmates were gear heads who liked muscle and metal music and had no use for older stuff.  

I had both for a short while but I sold the GTO Judge to afford the merc  and that merc had to go so I could buy the one I still have today.

My first merc was a California car with an old Olds motor in it.  It had been a kustom for ages but it was a rough car and had some rust issues.

One day at a swap meet I spied a merc in the parking lot and it was a 30,000 mile all original Oklahoma car without a dent or spec of rust on it.  The only thing that had ever been done to it was the second owner painted over the original two tone tan and brown and painted it black.

It was for sale, and I was in love...

I became the third owner of that car, and only the original owner has had it longer...but I am gaining on him.

For a short time I had both 50 mercs, but the first one (the maroon one) was let go and we did a full on frame off kustom job on my black one that I have had since 1986.

Below is the car I still have when I first got it, you can see how it looks today in another post.

Its funny how finding old pictures stirs up old memories and it sorta freaks me out how old I am now and how long I have had my merc.


Chema Insolvente said...
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Chema Insolvente said...

HI Merc, Mola=Good No Mola=No good Al Fuego=To Fire, una pura mierda.
Saludos Amigo. :=))