Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodguys last October...part 2

This is another good buddy on mine car.  His name is Ron and it is a real 33 3 window.  That's my 32 in the background.

This is a glass Willys gasser, and looking over the body these guys make it is one of the nicest set ups I have seen in a while, you might try and track them down if you are thinking of building a glass Willys.  I really liked this car!

My fathers best friend that he grew up with owns this killer Impala, good luck finding a nicer one!

This is another really good buddies car and one of my favorite cars around!  It is also the real deal and not fiberglass but if you by any chance ever run into him ask him if it is glass, it drives him nuts!  Everybody asks all of us if we have glass cars and in this guys case (Bobby is his name) it happens to him the most and when he tells them it is not they then want to argue with him about it.  In the background is another one of my friends car that we call the Lima Bean.

This car belongs to a super nice guy named Chris.  It has some awesome history behind it and I think it is going to be featured on the t-shirt for the show next year.  It is a real steel 1932 3 window with a SCOT blower puffing it along.

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