Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodguys last October...

Well, I had planned to go to a annual car show I go to on New Years Day ever year but this year the kids are sick, I am sick, and so I did not go.  My plan was to post pics from the show but that is kind of hard to do when you don't go.  

To make up for it I am going to post some pictures from the Goodguys show in October at Texas Motor Speedway.  Hope you enjoy them!

This is my good buddy Eric's modified he built.  I had a blast riding with him in it on the autocross track they had set up this year!

Don't know who's this was but this was a killer 56 Nomad decked out in all 50's Vette parts.  Hub caps, engine, steering wheel, and so on.  Man, this was a super slick car!

I met a nice guy who is a big time Willys fan.  Not only did he have this all steel mild 40 Gasser style hot rod but he also had a bone stock 41.  When was the last time anyone saw a nice stock Willys?  I want a Willys so but but I don't think I will ever get that lucky!

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