Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bill Fowler's 40 Willys!

As I have posted in the past I spend a least a few minutes everyday checking out the HAMB.  I could not afford to go to this years Grand National Roadster Show, one of the greatest car shows ever.  I made it to the GNRS that celebrated the 75th of the Deuce and last year the DFW area weather caused me to miss the show.  This year too many bills.  I bet a bunch of you know what that is like!

Looking at the pictures posted on the HAMB of the GNRS I saw some pics of a Willys that I had seen in some other pictures from last summer.  At the show it was wearing the Solo Speed Shop logo on the door.

I wanted to find out more about that car so I posted on the HAMB looking for the owner or info.

It paid off, the owner contacted me!

Bill Fowler is the owner of one of the most killer Willys I have seen.  This car is beyond cool, and so is the story behind it!

The car came out of a barn in 2001 out in the hot rod wonder land of California.  

In Bill's words off the HAMB: 

"Thanks for interest in Solo Willys Coupe! Story! Grandfather gave to grandson in 1960! Kid all excited bone stock willys & going to make himself a hot rod! Yanked drivetrain & decided to strip paint! Brushed on paint stripper over complete car & then worked on stripping paint for about 15 minutes! Said way too much work!! Parked it in a barn & car not taken out til 2001! Car sat & then washed off & Wow Solo Speed Patina!"

Bill said the car sat until 2007 and then they got her on the road again with the following goodies:

Olds 410 Posi Rear End
63 Corvette 327 365 HP
Edlebrock Cross Ram
Muncie 4 Speed

I love everything about this car so check out the pictures below and also check out the link to The Solo Speed Shop if you need some work, want some cool swag, or just wanna see what is going on at the shop:

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