Sunday, December 28, 2008

My favorite places on the web...

If ever find yourself bored and want some new place to check out on the internet these are pages I spend a lot of my time at, probably too much of my time!  

If you love surf music, this is a must go to place.  Great info on the music and the gear and a lot of the guys involved in the modern surf bands are give  a try.

If rockabilly is more your thing, or you like surf and rockabilly like myself, you probably are a big fan of the big bass beat.  Nothing better than slap bass if you ask me.  If you dig that give a try.

If you love the big orange Gretsch guitars, and all the other ones they make, then these two places are for you.  You will find great info and great people!

For anything Fender guitar related, go here and enjoy!

For traditional hot rods and kustoms, there is only one place to go.  Ryan has done a superb job keeping the hot rod spirt alive on the Jalopy Journal. My home away from home is the forum section called the hokey ass message board or HAMB!

If you dig model cars this guy is really good and writes the model car columns for the Goodguys publication.

If you want to see car show/event pics that are super well done and just plain cool try this site out...

If you are interested in new cars, the auto industry, and economics this page by a local radio guy is fantastic.  Very good source for the latest news also with links to other auto related information.

For people looking to have some killer rockabilly and hot rod duds I present the following:

I got some really great hats from these guys...

I got some killer shirts from...

The two sources for most good hot rod t-shirts and car parts... and

If you love vintage gassers and especially Willys gassers go here quickly and get your fix!

And to end things up, go subscribe to the greatest car magazine around, The Rodders Journal, or pick up a couple of copies of the superb Hop Hop Magazine!

That should keep ya busy if you are bored!

Have a good time surfing!

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