Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Dad's first new car in 1964

I had some old photos that I scanned of my fathers first new car he bought in 1964.  It was a black Ford Falcon Sprint with a 289 Hi Po.  He had it until 1968 when he sold it to a buddy on the Army base he was on.  He replaced it with a 1968 Road Runner with a 383 (and they used to run drags on the rifle range when nobody was around, the benefit of being the Sgt. in charge of the range!)  He did not keep the Road Runner long and sadly he later heard that the other Sgt. he sold the Falcon to was killed in it driving drunk.

The Falcon a few days after he got it with his new Fenton mags...

And the Road Runner that replaced it on the Army base...beep beep.

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