Friday, December 5, 2008

The Deuce 75th!

I went to the 75th for the Deuce in LA some time back and was looking at some of the pics I took moving files around on my computer.

Being a 1932 Ford nut, I thought I would post my fav 32 roadsters of all time.

First is the Pete Henderson roadster.  This is the car from the famous "quarter horse race" photo from 1944. 

Bob McGee's car is one of the great trendsetters of 32 Fords and a pure classic in red.

Many have said the McMullen car is just too over the top, but to me it is all hot rod and too kool.  This is the car the graced the cover of Street Rod Magazine for years as part of the logo.

The Doane Spencer car is probably my fav of all these cars.  It was so cutting edge in its day and is still a car that demands your attention.

The Joe Nitti Roadster is the template for many of todays cars IMHO and simply fine!

Do you agree with my choices, my top 5?  Which car would you remove and which one would you replace it with?  Come on 32 fans, everybody loves this topic and thinks about this kind of stuff.  Post a comment and let me know what 32 roadsters rev your mill.

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