Sunday, December 28, 2008

A famous Willys Gasser restored!

In the previous post I mentioned that I spend a lot of time looking at the HAMB message board checking out all the show posts and killer traditional kustoms and hot rods.

One of my favorite things on the HAMB this year was watching the restoration of a famous Willys gasser drag car from the 60's.

I thought I would throw a link up for others to see the story.

It is a long post but worth it if you love Willys and your love gassers.

Check it out!

My favorite places on the web...

If ever find yourself bored and want some new place to check out on the internet these are pages I spend a lot of my time at, probably too much of my time!  

If you love surf music, this is a must go to place.  Great info on the music and the gear and a lot of the guys involved in the modern surf bands are give  a try.

If rockabilly is more your thing, or you like surf and rockabilly like myself, you probably are a big fan of the big bass beat.  Nothing better than slap bass if you ask me.  If you dig that give a try.

If you love the big orange Gretsch guitars, and all the other ones they make, then these two places are for you.  You will find great info and great people!

For anything Fender guitar related, go here and enjoy!

For traditional hot rods and kustoms, there is only one place to go.  Ryan has done a superb job keeping the hot rod spirt alive on the Jalopy Journal. My home away from home is the forum section called the hokey ass message board or HAMB!

If you dig model cars this guy is really good and writes the model car columns for the Goodguys publication.

If you want to see car show/event pics that are super well done and just plain cool try this site out...

If you are interested in new cars, the auto industry, and economics this page by a local radio guy is fantastic.  Very good source for the latest news also with links to other auto related information.

For people looking to have some killer rockabilly and hot rod duds I present the following:

I got some really great hats from these guys...

I got some killer shirts from...

The two sources for most good hot rod t-shirts and car parts... and

If you love vintage gassers and especially Willys gassers go here quickly and get your fix!

And to end things up, go subscribe to the greatest car magazine around, The Rodders Journal, or pick up a couple of copies of the superb Hop Hop Magazine!

That should keep ya busy if you are bored!

Have a good time surfing!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What I want for Christmas...

Well, being all growed up and all I don't get to ask Santa for stuff anymore...but my daughter said I should do a list for Santa anyway.   I decided what the hey, so here is my list for Santa this year:

First off, although my guitar skills are not worthy of such a fine tool of rock-n style, I really want a Brian Setzer Candy Tangerine Hot Rod Guitar with TV Jones Classic pick ups.  

I am saving money up for one, so maybe someday.

I have 32's, my all time fav cars and consider myself very lucky to have what I got already, but since this is a "wish list" I would love a bone stock super strait 1940 (or 41, or 42) Willys Coupe that I could turn into the wicked "King Voodoo" Gasser running a blown hemi.

For some reason I don't think Santa is going to deliver...but who knows, the cartoons say if you believe in Christmas magic things work out.  We will see.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Dad's first new car in 1964

I had some old photos that I scanned of my fathers first new car he bought in 1964.  It was a black Ford Falcon Sprint with a 289 Hi Po.  He had it until 1968 when he sold it to a buddy on the Army base he was on.  He replaced it with a 1968 Road Runner with a 383 (and they used to run drags on the rifle range when nobody was around, the benefit of being the Sgt. in charge of the range!)  He did not keep the Road Runner long and sadly he later heard that the other Sgt. he sold the Falcon to was killed in it driving drunk.

The Falcon a few days after he got it with his new Fenton mags...

And the Road Runner that replaced it on the Army base...beep beep.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas from me and the family...

The kids doing the Christmas picture thing...oh, and have a great new year also!

Looking like a brag...

Hey, just wanted people to know my intention is not to have a simple brag blog, but I have been posting stuff about myself and my stuff because I have buddies and such who are interested in updates on the family, cars, and guitars.

So if I look a big brag so far, sorry.

I really need to get a record player that can turn records in to music files etc. so I can post and give back to people.

I have some 45's and such that are long out of print by bands long forgotten. 

Any suggestions on a good player, and if it matters I am a Mac user.

Thanks for taking a look at the ol' blog.

The Thin Skins!

The Thin Skin nitro Jazzmasters and Jaguars from Fender sold through Wildwood Guitars and some other vendors are just plain great guitars.  You get a thin skin nitro finish, modern 9.5 radius with big frets and a matching head stock in a variety of cool retro finishes.  I got a Burgundy Mist one and I LOVE IT!  It is far too nice of a guitar for a person lacking the skills to play it like myself.  Thanks to the guys at Wildwood I have my dream Jazzy in one of my all time favorite colors.  As you can see, the boy already has it picked out as part of his future inheritance program. 



Goofy Grape

Here is a bit of a sneak peek of the project that is under construction...

Code Name: The Goofy Grape

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Deuce 75th!

I went to the 75th for the Deuce in LA some time back and was looking at some of the pics I took moving files around on my computer.

Being a 1932 Ford nut, I thought I would post my fav 32 roadsters of all time.

First is the Pete Henderson roadster.  This is the car from the famous "quarter horse race" photo from 1944. 

Bob McGee's car is one of the great trendsetters of 32 Fords and a pure classic in red.

Many have said the McMullen car is just too over the top, but to me it is all hot rod and too kool.  This is the car the graced the cover of Street Rod Magazine for years as part of the logo.

The Doane Spencer car is probably my fav of all these cars.  It was so cutting edge in its day and is still a car that demands your attention.

The Joe Nitti Roadster is the template for many of todays cars IMHO and simply fine!

Do you agree with my choices, my top 5?  Which car would you remove and which one would you replace it with?  Come on 32 fans, everybody loves this topic and thinks about this kind of stuff.  Post a comment and let me know what 32 roadsters rev your mill.

1950 Merc

I have had a 50 merc since high school as I mentioned.  This is the car.